The SECOND “LINUS LERNER” VOICE COMPETITION will take place from August 6 to 10, 2017.

Its the sole responsibility of the contestant to ensure the application meets these rules. By submitting their request to participate, the contestants declare to have read and understood the terms of participation and agree to comply to the regulation herein described. Any infringement of these rules will incur the penalty of disqualification from the Contest.

Professional singers and singing students of any nationality who meet the following requirements:

  • Women: Whose age at the first day of the competition do not exceed 34 years of nor less than 18 years.
  • Men: Whose age at the first day of the competition do not exceed 36 years nor less than 20 years.


The Organizing Committee will not make any exception to the age limits of the call.


First Place “Prize Dorothy Vanek” US $3,000.00

Second Place “Prize Larry Leung” US $2,000.00

Third Place “Prize Irving Olson” US $1,000.00

Young Revelation “Prize Tim Secomb” US $1,000.00

Mention of Honor “Prize Carolyn and Michael Stelman” US $1,000.00

Prize “Opera San Luis Bill Farris” US $1,000.00

Audience Reward “Opera de México” US $1,000.00

Prize “Maestro Linus Lerner”
Participation in a concert with the Symphony Orchestra of Rio Grande do Norte (OSRN) in Natal, Brazil, will all expenses paid plus a honorarium of US $500.00.
Prize “SASO”
Participation in a concert with the Southern Arizona Symphony Orchestra (SASO) in Tucson, AZ with all expenses paid and a honorarium of US $500.00.
Prize “Irena Sylya”. Fundación Ópera Panamá.
A part in an Opera Production with all expenses paid.

Prize “MM Arturo Rodríguez Torres”. Compañía Ópera de México.
An invitation to sing in one production of the 2016/17 Season with expenses and fees paid according to the work, part, and number of performances.

Prize “Instituto Cultural Mexicano de Tucson (ICMT)”  US $300.00

Prize “Freddy Fox – Music School – Universidad of Arizona”
A week in residence to attend classes, master classes, perform a recital with a pianist and attend private auditions at the University of Arizona with paid transportation and hotel.

Certificate of participation will be given to all contestants and an acknowledgment specifying the place obtained. The Organizing Committee reserves the right to add or declared void awards in this competition


  1. PRESELECTION                                April 15 to May 25 (by video).
  2. PRELIMINAR                                                       August 6 (with piano)
  3. SEMIFINAL                                          August 7 (with piano).
  4. FINAL                                                                       August 8 (with piano).
  5. GALA CONCERT                             August 10 (with orchestra).

NOTE: All the stages of the competition except for the Pre Selection will be made in the Teatro Polivalente at the Centro de Las Artes de San Luis Potosí.


The period of preselection begins Monday April 15 and concludes Tuesday May 25.

Applicants must submit to the competition the following documentation:

  • Completed Application Form: available on the website:
  • Copy of an official ID: or passport (scanned in JPG format). The Competition Organizing Committee may at any stage request the original documents to crosscheck the information provided and to award prizes.
  • Updated CV: in Word format, not exceeding one page in Arial type font size 12.
  • A current artistic digitized photograph: in JPG format at 300 dpi.
  • Letter of recommendation: from a recognized teacher or singer in the opera world.
  • Link to the website: (YouTube video or attached). Send two to three arias of opera repertoire that show your skills in different languages. These recordings will be used in the pre-selection contest. The repertoire will be free choice. The candidate will be responsible for the quality and authenticity of the documents.


NOTE:No application will be accepted incomplete; you must submit all required documentation. It is VERY IMPORTANT to send all the attachments in one email.


Applicants selected to compete will be informed about their acceptance to the competition at the latest on 5 June 2017. They must submit all required documentation no later than the June 20, 2017. Once the registration documents are accepted, there will be no changes in the music to be presented and submitted for evaluation in the contest.

  • Registration of the candidate to the Competition is free and implies acceptance of these rules, and the provisions of the Jury.
  • Candidates must specify on the registration form the title of the works’ composers to present in the contest, which shall consist of at least: Three operatic arias, one aria from oratorio, one aria from operetta or a zarzuela and a concert Lied or song.
  • All entries must be performed by memory in their original language and tonality.
  • The selected contestants may not change the presented program except at the express request of the Organizing Committee of the Contest.
  • Participants should indicate on the registration form their tessitura: soprano, mezzo-soprano, contralto, countertenor, tenor, baritone, bass-baritone or bass.
  • The works may be in the following languages: German, Castilian, French, English, Italian, Latin, Czech or Russian.
  • Contestants must select at least three works of composers and three different languages. It must be submitted at least one work in Italian.
  • The competitor may choose the works in each phase of the competition in the order of their choice.
  • The works presented in each stage can not be repeated, except that the Jury prompted the participant to hear any of them again.
  • For the first round in San Luis Potosi contestants must bring six sets of photocopies bound to the jury with all the works to be presented in alphabetical order by the surname of the composer competition. The cover shall include the entrant's name and tessitura.
  • One of the copies will be for the accompanist (the participant is requested that the photocopies are of sufficient quality and single sheets will not be accepted).
  • Once accepted as a participant in the preselection, the contestant will send the repertoire list specifying the duration of each work in minutes and seconds in parentheses next to the title of the work.
  • The performance of the singers in each round will be limited: 8 minutes (preliminary), 10 minutes (semifinal) and 12 minutes (final). Over this limit, the jury will have the right to ask the singer to delete part of the program presented. It is recommended that the singer does not exceed the established limits.
  • There will be no acceptance to works that were not listed on the program originally submitted
  • It is the sole responsibility of the entrant to ensure that the repertoire presented meets these bases.





  • The jury will be announced at the end of each round the names of participants who will advance to the next stage.
  • The jury will be composed of renowned personalities in the musical and operatic field.
  • If any member of the Jury is or has been a teacher of singing contestant , s/he may not vote for that participant.
  • The Youth Revelation Prize may only be awarded to one finalist whose maximum age is 23, met on the opening day of the competition.
  • When the selection is unanimously it shall be recorded.
  • The judgments of the Jury will be considered unappeasable. In case of dispute the verdict, Competition Organizing Committee issues a vote.
  • The Awards of the Competition will be Jury's complete attribution, which also reserves the right to consider desert or shared any of the prizes established in the call.
  • The jury reserves the right to increase the number of participants in the Gala Concert of the winners if it suits programming repertoire.



  • It will be mandatory for all contestants that hold a prize to participate in the Winners Gala Concert on August 11which will be performed with the accompaniment of the Festival Orchestra, according to the repertoire to be determined and the criteria of the Organizing Committee. In case the winning singer is not present at the event, the award may be canceled.
  • The contestants selected by the Jury and the Organizing Committee to participate in the Gala concert of the winners shall be presented to the event with formal attire.



  • The order of presentation of the singers in each stage will be chosen in a draw 30 minutes before the start of the program in the presence of a representative of the Organizing Committee.
  • The Organizing Committee shall provide an accompanying pianist to the contestants. Each contestant is entitled to a rehearsal before each round.
  • If desired, contestants may attend the competition with their own pianist, but must take care of expenses such participation entails.
  • The artistic director of the Competition and Festival along with the winners decide the repertoire to be performed in the Closing Gala Concert.



  • The Organizing Committee has the obligation to inform sufficiently in advance to all contestants acceptance or elimination in the contest and any action that could contribute to improving their participation in the event, likewise, report any abnormalities or adverse situation which might harm the Competition and/or the Festival.
  • The Organizing Committee reserves the rights for recording, reproduction and total or partial diffusion of each of the events of the competition (qualifying rounds and gala concert of the winners of the Festival), material to be used for dissemination and promotion of the Festival and competition, not for profit.
  • Singers interested to participate only in the Contest may participate at the master classes offered to the contestants only on august 7 and 8.


Note: The Organizing Committee reserves the right to cancel the participation and/or retention of any participant if incurred in improper conduct that alters and/or harm the development of the Festival. All participants voluntarily agree it is their responsibility to hire a national or international health insurance and demarcate the Festival of any civil or criminal liability and its organizers about accidents, terrorism and natural disasters that might occur during programming and events.


  • This call has been drafted and approved by the Organizing Committee in the city of San Luis Potosi 10 days of April in the intuit to publicize of this event. It states that it does not exist in intention or omission in content or scope, since the event is aimed at the development of art, education and culture. The Festival and Competition are events promoted by the State Government through the Ministry of Culture of that state and its holder. In case of dispute or conflict, participants, the board and the Organizing Committee will be submitted to the jurisdiction of the Superior Court of the State of Mexico and San Luis Potosi.