The THIRD SAN LUIS OPERA FESTIVAL will be held from July 7 to 21, 2018 with possible extension on Sunday 22 and includes the following activities:

  • Participation of selected students in one or more of the three operatic productions that will be presented at the Plaza de Toros, the Polivalente Theater, and the CC200, as main or secondary roles, cover or chorus member.
  • Operas:
    • Carmen G. Bizet (in FRENCH and complete production with orchestra)
    • Cosí Fan Tutte W. A. ​​Mozart (in ITALIAN and complete production with orchestra)
    • Der Schauspieldirektor: A. ​​Mozart (in GERMAN, with piano and film production)
    • Selections of scenes from operas (different languages ​​with costumes and piano)
  • Participation of selected students according to the needs of each of the recitals that will be held in different venues in the city.
  • Intensive studies of vocal technique, style, interpretation, diction, stage awareness and acting in the form of individual, group and master classes with renowned teachers, coachs and stage directors from the world of opera.


Admission to the Festival will be through a pre-selection process through YouTube link, where they will be selected as active or listener students and may participate in one or more of the three operas in the following ways:

  • The students selected as ACTIVE will have the right to participate as main or secondary roles and / or cover in the productions of the operas, plus in concerts (Galas and Recitals), within the Festival and the right to receive individual classes vocal and coach classes.
  • The students selected as LISTENER must participate in the productions as choristers (with special classes by the teacher Luis Gabriel Salazar) and participate in all classes (as listeners, without the right to individual classes), plus rehearsals, master classes (as listeners) and concerts and recitals of the Festival (as listeners).


Students who want a role in any of the works, must have it by MEMORY at the beginning of the Festival in order to rehearse and perform, because one of the objectives of the Festival is the public performance of the operas with a complete production in the Polyvalent Theater, the CC200 and the Bullring, that is, with orchestra, set design and costumes. The coordinating direction and preparation of the orchestras of the three operas will be in charge of Dr. Linus Lerner.


  • Admission to the Third San Luis Opera Festival 2018 will be through a pre-selection process by YouTube links, a mechanism by which they will be selected as active students, listeners and / or choristers.
  • The deadline for submitting requests for participation and documentation is April 27, 2018. The acceptance of your documentation will be notified by email.
  • Those interested should complete the digital format online, with the following information.
    • Application for registration: Available on the website: operasanluis.com/2018/formulario,
    • Curriculum (according to online form available on the website)
    • An artistic photograph attached to the application
    • Link to the website (YouTube). Send one to two opera arias in which show your skills in different languages, preferably attach the arias of the characters you intend to address in the course if you want to participate in the assemblies of the operas.
  • ACCEPTANCE LETTERS will be sent no later than May 12, 2018.

NOTE: No application will be admitted INCOMPLETE.


  • Students selected as participants, must confirm their attendance by making the corresponding registration fee (non-refundable under any circumstances) and by sending a scanned copy in PDF of the bank deposit previously made to the email: foperaslp@gmail.com
  • The deadline for depositing the registration fee will be June 1, 2018. Any participant who does not pay for the course at the bank in a timely manner will be automatically excluded from the Festival. The details of the bank account for the deposit will be sent together with the ACCEPTANCE LETTER to the Festival.
  • Once the deposit is made, cancellations will not be accepted, nor will the money be returned.


  • ACTIVE Students: if payment is posted by May 25:  MX $ 4,500.00 (four thousand five hundred Mexican pesos) or if paid after May 26 up to June 1: MX $ 5,000.00 (Five thousand Mexican pesos).·       Listeners: MX $ 2,500.00 (Two thousand five hundred Mexican pesos): payment must be posted by June 30.  Note:The Organizing Committee reserves the right to cancel the participation and / or permanence of any participant in case of incurring in an inappropriate behavior that alters and / or harms the development of the Festival, in case of incurring to be creditor to the expulsion there will be no refund of the inscription. Likewise, all the participants ACCEPT VOLUNTARILY that it is your responsibility to contract a national or international medical insurance and disclaim the Festival of all civil or criminal liability and its organizers about accidents, terrorism or natural catastrophes that may occur during its programming and events. The election that the Organizing Committee performs of the students as active or listeners will be final and unappeasable. Any matter not foreseen in this call or in the regulation will be resolved by the Organizing Committee in an unquestionable way.

NOTA: El Comité Organizador se reserva el derecho de cancelar la participación y/o permanencia de cualquier participante en caso de que incurra en una conducta inadecuada que altere y/o perjudique el desarrollo del Festival, en caso de incurrir e hará acreedor a la expulsión y no se hará la devolución de la inscripción. Así mismo, todos los participantes ACEPTAN VOLUNTARIAMENTE que es su responsabilidad contratar un seguro médico nacional o internacional y deslindan al Festival de toda responsabilidad civil o penal y a sus organizadores sobre accidentes, terrorismo o catástrofes naturales que pudieran ocurrir durante su programación y eventos. La elección que el Comité organizador realice de los alumnos como activos u oyentes será inapelable y definitiva. Cualquier cuestión no prevista en esta convocatoria o en el reglamento será resuelta por el Comité organizador de manera incuestionable.