The THIRD “LINUS LERNER” INTERNATIONAL VOICE COMPETITION will take place from July 7 to 9, 2018.


It is the sole responsibility of the contestant to ensure that his application complies with these regulations. By submitting your application for participation, the contestant declares that she/he has read and understood the rules of participation and undertakes to comply with the provisions of this document. Any infraction of these regulations will cause his/her disqualification of the Competition.


Professional singers, semi-professionals or singing students of any nationality who meet the following requirements may participate:

  • Women: When the age at the beginning of the Competition does not exceed 34 years or less than 18 years.
  • Men: When the age at does not exceed 36 years or less than 20 years.

NOTE: The Organizing Committee will not make any exception in the age limits of the call.


  • First place “Dorothy Vanek Award” – US $ 3,000.00 (three thousand US dollars)
  • Second place “Larry Leung Award” – US $ 2,000.00 (two thousand US dollars)
  • Third place “Irving and Ruth Olson Award” – US $ 1,000.00 (one thousand US dollars)
  • Youth Revelation “Tim Secomb Award” – US $ 1,000.00 (one thousand US dollars)
  • Honorable Mention “Carolyn and Michael Stelman Award” – US $ 1,000.00 (one thousand dollars)
  • Opera San Luis Award “Bill Faris” – US $ 1,000.00 (one thousand US dollars)
  • Audience Award “Pro-Opera Prize” – US $ 1,000.00 (one thousand US dollars)
  • “Maestro Linus Lerner” Award – Participation in a concert with the Symphony Orchestra of Rio Grande do Norte (OSRN) in Natal, Brazil, with the expenses paid and honorary of US $ 500.00 (five hundred dollars).
  • “SASO” Award – Participation in a concert with the Southern Arizona Symphony Orchestra (SASO) in Tucson, USA and with paid expenses and honorary between US $ 250.00 (two hundred dollars) to $ 500 (five hundred dollars) depending on the number of winners.
  • “Opera Panama” Award – Participation in a Recital or Opera production with paid expenses in Panama City, Panama.
  • “Instituto Cultural Mexicano de Tucson (ICMT) Award” – US $ 300.00 (three hundred dollars).
  • “Freddy Fox – Music School – University of Arizona” Award – One week of residence for up to 5 people with the right to classes, master class, recital with a pianist and a private audition at the University of Arizona that includes transportation and lodging. After the audition possible selection of 2 candidates for further graduate studies at the University of Arizona with full scholarships and financial aid.

NOTE: A RECOGNITION will be given to all the contestants that will specify the place obtained. The Organizing Committee reserves the right to add or remove prizes in this call.


  1. The pre-selection period begins on Friday, April 6 and ends on Wednesday, May 9, 2018.
  2. ELIMINATORIES July 7, 2018 (with piano).
  3. SEMIFINAL July 8, 2018 (with piano).
  4. FINAL July 9, 2018 (with piano).
  5. WINNERS GALA CONCERT: July 11, 2018 (with orchestra).

NOTE: The eliminatory and semifinal will be held at the Rafael Nieto Theater and the final in the music area of ​​the Arts Center of San Luis Potosí.
The pre-selection period begins on Friday, April 6 and ends on Wednesday, May 9, 2018.


Applicants must submit the following documentation:

  • Complete application form available on the website:
  • Copy of official identification document of your country (IFE) or passport (scanned in JPG format). The Organizing Committee of the Competition may request the original documents and / or official identification to compare the information provided at any stage of the competition in order to deliver the prizes.
  • Curriculum according to the online questionnaire available on the website.
  • A current artistic photograph digitized in JPG format at 300 dpi. (optional)
  • Link to YouTube. Send two to three repertoire opera arias where you show your skills in different languages. These recordings will be used in the PRE-SELECTION stage of the contest. The repertoire will be freely chosen. The candidate will be responsible for the quality and authenticity of the documents provided.

NOTE: No application will be admitted INCOMPLETE, all requested documentation must be submitted through the website.


Those selected to participate, will be informed of their acceptance to the Contest no later than May 20, 2018, afterwards, they must send all the required documentation no later than June 1 of 2018. Once the registration of the singer selected by the Organizing Committee has been accepted, no change will be allowed in the musical program to be presented and proposed for evaluation in the competition.·

  • The registration to the competition is free and presupposes the acceptance of these regulations, as well as the provisions of the qualifying Jury.·
  • Candidates must specify on the registration form the title and composers of the works to be performed which must consist of at least: Three opera arias, an oratorio aria, an opereta aria or a romanza de zarzuela and a Lied or concert song.·
  • All the works must be interpreted by memory in their original language and tonality.·
  • The selected contestants will not be able to modify the presented program, except by express request of the Organizing Committee of the Competition.·
  • Participants must indicate on the registration form their voice range: soprano, mezzo-soprano, contralto, countertenor, tenor, baritone, bass-baritone or bass.·
  • The works presented can be in the following languages: German, Spanish, French, English, Italian, Latin, Czech or Russian.·
  • Contestants must select works by at least three composers and three different languages. At least one work in Italian must be submitted.·
  • The contestant may interpret the works within each stage of the competition in the order of his/her choice.·
  • The works presented in an eliminatory may not be re-sung in the subsequent stages of the competition, unless the Jury asks the participant to listen again to any of them.·
  • For the first round in San Luis Potosí the contestants must bring six sets of bound photocopies for the use of the jury with ALL WORKS to be presented in the contest ORDERLY alphabetically by the composer’s last name. Name of the contestant and voice range should appear on the cover.·
  • One of the sets will be for the accompanying pianist (the participant is requested that the photocopies are of sufficient quality – loose sheets will not be accepted). Failure to bring them will automatically disqualify the candidate.
  • Once accepted as a participant in the preselection, the contestant will send the repertoire list specifying the duration of each work in minutes and seconds in parentheses along with the title of the work.·
  • The performance of the singers in each stage will have a time limit of: 3 minutes (preliminary), 5 minutes (semifinal) and 8 minutes (final). Once these limits are exceeded, the jury will have the right to ask the singer to suppress part of the presented program. It is recommended that the singer does not exceed the established limits.·
  • Under no circumstances will works that do not conform to the rules of the competition be accepted.·
  • It is the sole responsibility of the contestant to ensure that the presented repertoire complies with these rules.


  • The Jury will announce, at the end of each tie, the names of the participants that will go on to the next stage.·
  • The Jury will be integrated by personalities of recognized prestige in the musical and opera field.·
  • If any member of the Jury is or has been a singing teacher of a contestant, he / she will not be able to participate in the voting corresponding to said participant.·
  • The Youth Revelation Prize can only be awarded to the finalist whose maximum age is 23 years old on the date of opening of the Contest.·
  • When the selection is unanimously it will be stated.·
  • The judgments issued by the Jury will be considered unappeasable and in case of controversy in the verdict, the Competition committee will cast a quality vote.·
  • The designation of the Prizes of the Contest will be absolute attribution of the Jury, that in addition reserves the right to consider empty or share any of the prizes established in the call.·
  • The jury reserves the right to increase the number of participants in the Gala Concert of the winners if it suits the programming of the repertoire and the musical program.


  •  It is obligatory for all the contestants holding a Prize, to participate in the Gala Concert of the winners on July 11, 2018 that will be performed with the accompaniment of the Festival Orchestra or piano, according to the repertoire that is determinate by the criteria of the Organizing Committee, in case the winning singer does not show up for said event, the prize or prizes that he has obtained in the competition will be canceled.·
  • The contestants selected by the Jury and the Organizing Committee to participate in the Gala concert of the winners must present themselves at the event with formal attire.


  • El orden de presentación de los cantantes en cada eliminatoria, se elegirá en forma de sorteo, 2 horas antes del inicio del programa en presencia de un representante del Comité Organizador.
  • El Comité Organizador pondrá a disposición de los concursantes un pianista acompañante. Cada concursante tendrá derecho a un ensayo antes de cada eliminatoria.
  • Si lo desean, los concursantes podrán asistir a las pruebas con su propio pianista, pero deberán hacerse cargo de los gastos que dicha participación implique.
  • El director artístico del Concurso y Festival decidirá junto con los ganadores el repertorio a interpretar en el Concierto de Gala de Clausura del Concurso.


  • The order of presentation of the singers in each tie, will be chosen in the form of a draw, 2 hours before the start of the program in the presence of a representative of the Organizing Committee.·
  • The Organizing Committee will make available to the contestants an accompanying pianist. Each contestant will be entitled to one rehearsal before each tie.·
  •  If they wish, the contestants will be able to attend the competition with their own pianist, but they must take care of the expenses that such participation implies.·
  • The artistic director of the Contest and Festival will decide together with the winners the repertoire to interpret in the Gala Concert of Winners.


  • The Organizing Committee has the obligation to inform in advance to all the contestants its acceptance or elimination in the competition and the Jury on any action that can contribute to improve their participation in the event, likewise, to notify any abnormality or adverse situation that could harm the development of the Competition and / or the Festival.·
  • The Organizing Committee reserves the right of recording, reproduction and total or partial diffusion of each one of the events of the contest (eliminatory and gala concert of the winners of the Festival), material that will be used for diffusion and promotion purposes of the Festival and Contest, not profit.

Note: The Organizing Committee reserves the right to cancel the participation and / or permanence of any participant in case of incurring in an inappropriate behavior that alters and / or harms the development of the Festival. All participants VOLUNTARILY ACCEPT that it is their responsibility to contract a national or international medical insurance and disclaim the Festival of all civil or criminal liability and its organizers about accidents, terrorism or natural catastrophes that may occur during its programming and events.


  • This call for proposals has been drafted and approved by the Organizing Committee in the city of San Luis Potosí on March 6 of the present year.  It is declared that there is no intent or omission in its content or scope, given that the event’s objective is the development of art, education and culture. The Festival and the Competition are events promoted by the State Government through the Ministry of Culture of the aforementioned state and its owner. In case of controversy or conflict, the participants, the board of directors and the Organizing Committee will submit to the jurisdiction of the Superior Court of Justice of Mexico and the State of San Luis Potosí.